Surrealism, Salvador Dali

First off before we even get to know Salvador Dali and what he’s all about ,we have to know what Surrealism is of course! From the help of one magical video ( Get surreal with Salvador Dali) and Mr.Upton, I now hold in my brain the information that will answer the unknown… what is surrealism? Let’s start off basic. Surreal is a vision of objects or life transformed into something unusual and disturbing ( sometimes). For example Salvador Dali always studied rock and found shapes of peoples faces or animals ( and more). That is also called Metamorphosis. It is when an object is changed into something else.

Surrealism doesn’t have to have any logic or reality. It can come straight out of your imagination. For example, you can make a tree look like a person with an old smiling face and wrinkled bark that looks like skin. In other words the laws of nature in reverse or a living thing becomes a lifeless object ( but in this case it’s kind of the exact opposite). There are many other words too learn like dislocation which mean an object or objects placed where they shouldn’t be like a dinosaur in a house. Here’s a big word juxtaposition. Intimidating isn’t it?  Don’t worry it’s just one word for 2 different object, side by side that don’t go normally together like dogs and giraffes.

Finally on to Salvador Dali! How exciting. Something special about his paintings is that he always had some sort of symbol like a grasshopper. When he was a little boy he use to catch and play with grasshoppers until he caught a fish that looked similar to a grass hopper head, he was so scared. All of the kids at school found out and threw grasshoppers at him. Now some of his paintings contains a hidden grasshopper. I examined the pattern in some of his paintings in the video and lots contain insects. In St. Petersburg, Florida he has his own museum filled with his amazing but bizarre paintings

That is what I learned from one video it is truly magical isn’t it or should I say surreal haha that wasn’t that funny…

I love this one this is my favorite since it is sunny and beautiful and sunny the clouds are just .. . it's just amazing

This was inspired by what he ate for lunch... can you guess what it is?

This is A lovely painting right it is the back of a head well heads with hair