My Children Book

The Usborne Book of Young Puzzle Adventures, has three cute stories. On each page they always ask question for example ” Where is the sea monster hiding”, but I’m only telling one of them or else it will be to long.

This one is my FAVORITE!! I used to read it all the time. Me and my friend would use couch cushions to jump from one and the other. Pretending they where kind of like rocks to protect us from the Hot Chocolate river. We had a big Imagination.

This story is called Chocolate Island. It starts off withe a brother and a sister( Tom and Grace) finding a poster for a Chocolate Cake baking competition. They were so excited for their uncle makes the best Chocolate Cakes ever. Their Uncle wasn’t sure of the idea for there will be Mrs. Nougat the Chocolate Cake champion was competing this year, but she always cheats. He gave them a chance anyways, he gave them a map of Chocolate Island. They went to the beach where they would find a boat. The Captain welcomed them aboard onto the Chocolate Queen ( The boat). And they were off. They flew into the night sky taking a glimpse of Chocolate Island from above. As they landed it was already morning. That Captain gave them a bag of Chocolate Island pennies. Before they went off she warned them about the sinking syrup and galaptious gloop. And to never Listen to a word the candy trees tell them. As they gaze in amazement they approached a sleepy-looking tiger named Tiggy. Tiggy told them about Chocolate island and where to go before going to the chocolate well. They first visited the Chocolate Chip Mines. Then took a swim in the Chocolate Falls and met a frog that led them to the Cookie Café. There they got help from some customers of how to get to the Chocolate Well.  As they walk on the path made out of Chocolate Crispies. They came across a broken sign. Together they put it together and of they were. To the Toffee Tower. The sign was the least of their problems. Tom fell into the sinking syrup. The Candy Trees whispered “grab onto the golden gloop stones avoid the mossy green ones.” Then Grace told him to ignore them and take the green. He escaped in one piece. Tom felt all sticky when they went to the toffee tower. From the tower they have a birds eye view of a maze. In the middle is the Chocolate well. As they slid through the maze they finally reached the well. How the chocolate was delicious! They found  bucket and filled it with the chocolate fudge. They ran as fast as they can, for how long do they have before the competition. They panted their way to their Uncle’s house and began to bake the famous chocolate cake. The judges loved their cake they had second helpings. After the judging was done they announced the winner. Grace and Tom won!

I like this story in this book because of how much imagination and adventurous it is. They always made me hungry for sweets  after reading this story. They have great detail and i love their characters. I like how they make the reader think, with the questions on each page. It also keeps the reader engaged. The illustrations are very colorful and child like, but very cute. The picture also has a puzzle in every page. I think the moral of the story is, if you work hard and never give up, then you can accomplish anything. Because in the beginning of the book their Uncle never thought they had a chance of winning, but in the end, from all their perseverance ,they won.

This is the Picture of Chocolate with Grace an Tom

This is the Book it contains three stories i only told you one.


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