My life

Hello my name is Sunita but most people call me Suni or Sun ( mostly Suni ). I am starting grade 8 and let me tell you it’s easier than it looks.The only problem is the hallways are always filled with people and I always feel so small compared to the grade 12 student; Kind of like a little canary in a cage with an Eagle. A bunch of Eagles… But, it’s not so scary as the television says. Every one here is so nice and the teachers are even nicer. I got confused with my schedule once,so i missed half of my social studies class. Good thing the teacher doesn’t expect us to remember our classes yet. Now enough with school. Let me tell you about my “After school life “. Well let’s start from the beginning. I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia( mom’s side) and stayed for about 5 years or so.Of course when you live some place with a different culture you learn their language, but as you can see i lost all of my ability to speak Indonesian. Tragic isn’t it? So instead I came to Canada ( my dad’s side) and learned French and English. When I was six I started to play softball in the house league and made great friends. When I turned 10 my dad made me tryout to become a pitcher and that’s when my whole life started to change. My dreams of becoming a princess were no more. Now, I want to get a scholar ship from pitching. I have a long ways ahead of me so i have to work hard. My dad always said “you don’t have to be  the brightest kid in the class but if you work hard you will always succeed”. So that is what I try to do .. work hard and earn my reward. I am now a competitive softball player in level A ( it’s kind of like school C, B, A). I am also a Competitive Trampolinist also A. It gives me determination and focus, for I have to do all those tricks without landing on my head. Talk about nerve racking!!!! When you’re a competitive, whatever, you learn to concentrate on what your going to do, then to think of the negative and worst case scenarios. Now that i have told you about my “busy bee” life I want to talk or present to you my biggest supporters my mom and dad. Maybe my sister little Maya too, but you can’t blame them they are just too young to understand what is right from wrong . Maya also does competitive things but different than mine and she is only 9!! You might say I’m jealous of her capability at such a young age. She is a competitive Artistic Gymnast not trampoline. Very many people get that mixed up, and she is also a competitive dancer. She pretty much is out of the house 16 hrs a day. Maya and I are lucky to have such supportive parents that help us with our gymnastics from going broke, and finds time in all this mess to practice my pitching. Believe it or not my parents also have a life of they’re own, but sadly with they’re world concentrating on us they never get alone for them selves. Mostly that is my life i will keep an update 🙂 


i am in a team called fusion that was 2010~2011


2 comments on “My life

  1. jocelynwall says:

    Oh my gosh Suni! I never knew all of that about you, and we’ve known each other for SO LONG! That picture of you on trampoline is amazing, I would never in a million years be able to do that! See you tomorrow!

  2. jocelynwall says:

    Hey I just found out why we didn’t have any comments from any other people on our blogs! We’re supposed to post our “All About Me” blog to Mr Upton’s blog as a comment! If you go to blogs, slide your cursor over mr. upton, it’ll show stuff like “manage comments”, ” site stats”, and “read blog”. click on read blog, then post your “all about me” blog as a comment

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