My Children Book

The Usborne Book of Young Puzzle Adventures, has three cute stories. On each page they always ask question for example ” Where is the sea monster hiding”, but I’m only telling one of them or else it will be to long.

This one is my FAVORITE!! I used to read it all the time. Me and my friend would use couch cushions to jump from one and the other. Pretending they where kind of like rocks to protect us from the Hot Chocolate river. We had a big Imagination.

This story is called Chocolate Island. It starts off withe a brother and a sister( Tom and Grace) finding a poster for a Chocolate Cake baking competition. They were so excited for their uncle makes the best Chocolate Cakes ever. Their Uncle wasn’t sure of the idea for there will be Mrs. Nougat the Chocolate Cake champion was competing this year, but she always cheats. He gave them a chance anyways, he gave them a map of Chocolate Island. They went to the beach where they would find a boat. The Captain welcomed them aboard onto the Chocolate Queen ( The boat). And they were off. They flew into the night sky taking a glimpse of Chocolate Island from above. As they landed it was already morning. That Captain gave them a bag of Chocolate Island pennies. Before they went off she warned them about the sinking syrup and galaptious gloop. And to never Listen to a word the candy trees tell them. As they gaze in amazement they approached a sleepy-looking tiger named Tiggy. Tiggy told them about Chocolate island and where to go before going to the chocolate well. They first visited the Chocolate Chip Mines. Then took a swim in the Chocolate Falls and met a frog that led them to the Cookie Café. There they got help from some customers of how to get to the Chocolate Well.  As they walk on the path made out of Chocolate Crispies. They came across a broken sign. Together they put it together and of they were. To the Toffee Tower. The sign was the least of their problems. Tom fell into the sinking syrup. The Candy Trees whispered “grab onto the golden gloop stones avoid the mossy green ones.” Then Grace told him to ignore them and take the green. He escaped in one piece. Tom felt all sticky when they went to the toffee tower. From the tower they have a birds eye view of a maze. In the middle is the Chocolate well. As they slid through the maze they finally reached the well. How the chocolate was delicious! They found  bucket and filled it with the chocolate fudge. They ran as fast as they can, for how long do they have before the competition. They panted their way to their Uncle’s house and began to bake the famous chocolate cake. The judges loved their cake they had second helpings. After the judging was done they announced the winner. Grace and Tom won!

I like this story in this book because of how much imagination and adventurous it is. They always made me hungry for sweets  after reading this story. They have great detail and i love their characters. I like how they make the reader think, with the questions on each page. It also keeps the reader engaged. The illustrations are very colorful and child like, but very cute. The picture also has a puzzle in every page. I think the moral of the story is, if you work hard and never give up, then you can accomplish anything. Because in the beginning of the book their Uncle never thought they had a chance of winning, but in the end, from all their perseverance ,they won.

This is the Picture of Chocolate with Grace an Tom

This is the Book it contains three stories i only told you one.


Two Reasons Why I Went To…

This summer I went to hot, humid, tropical Indonesia. Now it doesn’t sound that bad. The reason that I love staying there are the people and how everyone is so much closer with one another. My sister, Mom and I went to Indonesia ( Belitung and Jakarta) for two reasons. Number one reason is family. We have about 40 to 55 relatives in Indonesia and each time i visit( last time was 3 years ago) there is always somebody new to the family. The second reason is Lebaran. Lebaran is a 1 month holiday .  At the 6 am in the morning at beginning of the month we eat before fasting, it’s called saour. The mornings and afternoons are slow because everyone is so hungry. At night it’s the best because at 6pm we invite all our relative ( the ones we’re close with) and have a gigantic feast celebrating another day of fasting. We do it every night and everyday. Than when it’s a few days before the actual Lebaran, we all visit our neighbors, family and friends. We knock on they’re door and say “I’m sorry for everything i have ever done to harm you” and they give you Indonesian cookies, sweets and money. Back to the night. Many of my second cousins come and play with me… i little too ruff. They are in the range of 1 to 6 so they are to young to understand. My sister would be on my one leg and Andean ( my 3 year old girl 2nd cousin) would be on the other. The four boys would tug on my arm like tug a war to see who can get me to the kitchen or living room. So everyday was a riot, i loved it and loved seeing them again.

Where it is- Indonesia is a country in southern Asia and Oceania 13,466 islands and 33 provinces with over 238 million people. It is the world’s fourth most populous country, and has the world’s largest population of Muslims. The country shares land borders with Papua New Guinea, East Timor, and Malaysia. Other neighboring countries include Singapore, Philippines, Australia, and the Indian territory of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Indonesia’s location on the edges of the Pacific, Eurasian, and Australian tectonic plates makes it the site of numerous volcanoes and frequent earthquakes. Indonesia has at least 150 active volcanoes.  ( info from Wikipedia)

Indonesia is the one that says Indonesia on the right hand side my apologies that it is not clear

i went to jakarta and belitung but belitung is small so there is a chance you can't find it

Surrealism, Salvador Dali

First off before we even get to know Salvador Dali and what he’s all about ,we have to know what Surrealism is of course! From the help of one magical video ( Get surreal with Salvador Dali) and Mr.Upton, I now hold in my brain the information that will answer the unknown… what is surrealism? Let’s start off basic. Surreal is a vision of objects or life transformed into something unusual and disturbing ( sometimes). For example Salvador Dali always studied rock and found shapes of peoples faces or animals ( and more). That is also called Metamorphosis. It is when an object is changed into something else.

Surrealism doesn’t have to have any logic or reality. It can come straight out of your imagination. For example, you can make a tree look like a person with an old smiling face and wrinkled bark that looks like skin. In other words the laws of nature in reverse or a living thing becomes a lifeless object ( but in this case it’s kind of the exact opposite). There are many other words too learn like dislocation which mean an object or objects placed where they shouldn’t be like a dinosaur in a house. Here’s a big word juxtaposition. Intimidating isn’t it?  Don’t worry it’s just one word for 2 different object, side by side that don’t go normally together like dogs and giraffes.

Finally on to Salvador Dali! How exciting. Something special about his paintings is that he always had some sort of symbol like a grasshopper. When he was a little boy he use to catch and play with grasshoppers until he caught a fish that looked similar to a grass hopper head, he was so scared. All of the kids at school found out and threw grasshoppers at him. Now some of his paintings contains a hidden grasshopper. I examined the pattern in some of his paintings in the video and lots contain insects. In St. Petersburg, Florida he has his own museum filled with his amazing but bizarre paintings

That is what I learned from one video it is truly magical isn’t it or should I say surreal haha that wasn’t that funny…

I love this one this is my favorite since it is sunny and beautiful and sunny the clouds are just .. . it's just amazing

This was inspired by what he ate for lunch... can you guess what it is?

This is A lovely painting right it is the back of a head well heads with hair

My life

Hello my name is Sunita but most people call me Suni or Sun ( mostly Suni ). I am starting grade 8 and let me tell you it’s easier than it looks.The only problem is the hallways are always filled with people and I always feel so small compared to the grade 12 student; Kind of like a little canary in a cage with an Eagle. A bunch of Eagles… But, it’s not so scary as the television says. Every one here is so nice and the teachers are even nicer. I got confused with my schedule once,so i missed half of my social studies class. Good thing the teacher doesn’t expect us to remember our classes yet. Now enough with school. Let me tell you about my “After school life “. Well let’s start from the beginning. I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia( mom’s side) and stayed for about 5 years or so.Of course when you live some place with a different culture you learn their language, but as you can see i lost all of my ability to speak Indonesian. Tragic isn’t it? So instead I came to Canada ( my dad’s side) and learned French and English. When I was six I started to play softball in the house league and made great friends. When I turned 10 my dad made me tryout to become a pitcher and that’s when my whole life started to change. My dreams of becoming a princess were no more. Now, I want to get a scholar ship from pitching. I have a long ways ahead of me so i have to work hard. My dad always said “you don’t have to be  the brightest kid in the class but if you work hard you will always succeed”. So that is what I try to do .. work hard and earn my reward. I am now a competitive softball player in level A ( it’s kind of like school C, B, A). I am also a Competitive Trampolinist also A. It gives me determination and focus, for I have to do all those tricks without landing on my head. Talk about nerve racking!!!! When you’re a competitive, whatever, you learn to concentrate on what your going to do, then to think of the negative and worst case scenarios. Now that i have told you about my “busy bee” life I want to talk or present to you my biggest supporters my mom and dad. Maybe my sister little Maya too, but you can’t blame them they are just too young to understand what is right from wrong . Maya also does competitive things but different than mine and she is only 9!! You might say I’m jealous of her capability at such a young age. She is a competitive Artistic Gymnast not trampoline. Very many people get that mixed up, and she is also a competitive dancer. She pretty much is out of the house 16 hrs a day. Maya and I are lucky to have such supportive parents that help us with our gymnastics from going broke, and finds time in all this mess to practice my pitching. Believe it or not my parents also have a life of they’re own, but sadly with they’re world concentrating on us they never get alone for them selves. Mostly that is my life i will keep an update 🙂 


i am in a team called fusion that was 2010~2011